Watch the 2014 World Cup Online

How to watch the 2014 World Cup online on your Computer

Watch the 2014 World Cup Online

We are proud to present you with the best method to watch all the 2014 Brazilian World Cup on your computer or mobile devices with the best quality possible in HD! If you are travelling or don’t have access to a  TV you can always use this strategy to gain access to the live stream of the official world cup broadcasters. This will ensure you can watch the world cup with the best video quality and also that you don’t have to struggle with lag and video delay.

This is a very simple method to implement, just follow the instructions at: and start cheering for your favorite teams today. There are many interesting matches that you don’t want to miss. This guide ensures that you are able to enjoy every single match in english commentary and perfect definition. Don’t worry about the lag and the annoying lag the majority of the live streams are plagued with.

2014 World Cup Live Stream – Accessing the BBC, ESPN and ITV official streams from any location

Just follow this link: and again access to the best streaming websites worldwide to be able to watch the world cup from any location. Use your computer as a TV with this simple guide and enjoy the tournament with your friends and family The guid will teach you how to use a VPN to change your current location to a location where the live streaming is available.


World cup 2014 games online – Follow your favorite teams!

For you who are in Brazil, TV Globo must transmit all matches online, only for those who are in Brazilian territory. The trick to circumvent the restriction deográfica you ever met above. So, this tip goes for all your friends around the world. Outside the official channel of the World Cup in Brazil, sites such as the FIFA, offer free streaming service to Europe and Asia. Other addresses that have already confirmed the transmission of online games are: Wiziwig, SportLemon,,,, firstrow, ZDF and ARD, Live Now and Live Football.
But for those who do not have a subscription to cable or do not live in the USA, the first choice of the viewers must be the BBC. For those with BBC iPlayer or iTV, the World Cup will be broadcast free of charge. In addition, if you happen to lose a game, the BBC will offer its content on demand via the BBC iPlayer, which is the online streaming media service of the BBC. Must take into account that only those with a United Kingdom IP address can access the services of the BBC and iTV due to blocking by IP Geolocation. Has a friend morenado in the United Kingdom? Pass this tip him. Or get the signal, with this simple trick:

Fortunately, obtaining an IP address from the United Kingdom is fairly easy. In order to obtain an IP address from the United Kingdom, you must download a VPN service. There are a number of them available if you search online. Here is an article with the best VPN servers, in English ( Once you connect to a VPN server in the United Kingdom, you receive an IP address from the United Kingdom and you can access the BBC iPlayer, as if you were living in the United Kingdom.

A prerequisite for watching BBC online is a fast broadband connection. Especially for the transmission of live football games, the last thing you want is an interruption in the signal right before a goal!


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