Watch England vs Uruguay Online

England vs Uruguay Live Stream – 2014 World Cup Match

Watch England vs Uruguay Online

The Celeste trained for the last time before traveling to St. Paul for the Party on Thursday. There would be four variants, including the return of Luis Suárez. Watch England Vs Uruguay Online Streaming here.

The Uruguayan soccer team trained for the last time in Sete Lagoas, Belo Horizonte, before departing with destination to San Pablo, where on Thursday will face England in the second match of Group B. The technical Oscar Tabárez must make a forced variation, but they would be four in total.

On Tuesday, students of the master were warming and coordination exercises at the Arena do Jacaré de Minas Gerais, where the Celestes have installed the bunker for this first phase. They also worked with quiescent ball and mid-distance shots.

The practice took place behind closed doors and Tabárez, as is his custom, did not confirm the team. In fact, confessed that most will do so later than FIFA allows it. Anyway, the press could know that movement ended with Fernando Muslera, Martín Cáceres, Diego Lugano, Diego Godín, Álvaro Pereira, Álvaro González, Egidio Arévalo, Nicolás Lodeiro, Cristian Rodríguez, Luis Suárez and Edinson Cavani.

That would mean? Changes of name of Uruguay against England on debut against Costa Rica would be four:

One required

The expulsion of Maxi Pereira in the final minutes of the first match forces into a Variant. But it would also include a positional change of Martín Cáceres, who would go on to play for the right side (where he plays at Juventus) instead of the suspended. To cover the left side, then, would enter Álvaro Pereira, one of the best in the Brazilian tournament in that position, with the chance to overwhelm and reach the goal. In this sector could also play Jorge Fucile, as in South Africa 2010.

Three tactical

-Álvaro González by Cristian Stuani. This is the possible variant that most says puffy Celeste by these
hours. Firstly because Stuani, with his power and speed, was the letter under sleeve Tabárez in the final stages of the qualifiers, although little he could do on a computer that did not leave him things to Costa Rica. The alternative, for the debut, was Gastón Ramírez, a footballer with good management of the medium forward, ball and would not be not considered for the match with England. The idea of the master in case of placing González would this make a personal mark on Steven Gerrard to avoid to generate soccer.

-Nicolás Lodeiro by Walter Gargano. While it might not change things when he jumped to the field before the Ticos, Lodeiro gave him more mobility than Forlán team. Their ownership is confirmed, it would be a double five together with Egidio Arévalo Ríos.

-Luis Suárez by Diego Forlán. His return after the meniscus operation carried out nearly a month ago was what most expectations generated. However, it would be now surrounded by a very particular mantle, as it is the obligation to win, a selection which is also under pressure by the defeat against Italy. Would face rivals who know and they know him very well and know how to block it. The front said that it is 100 percent, and that as it could be seen in the images during the match against Costa Rica, he is very anxious and eager to play.

Uruguay up to St. Paul tonight and Wednesday held recognition of the Corinthians sand field.


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