Real Madrid Wins The Champions League

Real Madrid defeats Atlético Madrid to win the 2014 edition of the champions league

Real Madrid Wins The Champions League
The final is in the wide area. Both Simeone and Ancelotti will want to put one player more than the opponent. The hierarchy in the core will be the breadwinner but energy sets the competitive level. Without it, the opponent you submit to kneel ruining this great part of the illusions. The tension, the Madrid fell leads weeks ago, and – ability to repeat specific actions to a high intensity – activity level, as well as energy, shall be indicators that will dictate winners and losers. It is a final for fourteen players per team. Who devolves into statism, loses.

A rule, the five seconds, will be the path to the goal. The domain of transitions is the obsession of both coaches. It is the old account. When Atlético and Real recovered the ball, count five seconds. One will go at full speed toward the goal, the other will strive to put nine players behind the ball to retrieve the possibility and make a positional attack against. Look at this detail, is not banal, who lost the ball need strength and desire to close all the doors while those who recovered the leather will have to run the ball to avoid a tactical, be precise and not miss the verticality.

Godin, Miranda, Alderweireld against Malaga, and Raúl García. Christian, Varane – and scored in the Camp Nou – and Sergio Ramos are names of both sides who win matches from the stop ball. Strategy – determining factor in current football – elevates their significance in a final expected closed, tactical and where there will be no gifts – turnovers at the start of the game – none of the squadrons. About the outcome, the Madrid can win about half move while Atletico is a team of ninety minutes chopping stone. The key is in the head, the winner must show it when you are on the ropes.
The expression “the best team in the world” is read several times today in practically all of the Chronicles of the German press. It refers to the “was” (until yesterday, write) and it is “on track to be it”. Rotary Germanic do not speak only of end of cycle, but transfer of powers. They understand the importance of the duel last night in Bavaria is not limited to what can be in historical terms with respect to this glorious Barcelona that also points out what could be the starting point of a new reign of Bayern. “Heynckes team rescues the honor of the rest of the Bundesliga clubs”, even interpreted. And that? Because thrashing Barcelona demonstrated that rivals who each week come out battered in the Bundesliga are not so bad: just happens that this Bayern is capable of crushing up to the set that has served as a reference to the world football during this time. This is a day of grandiose conclusions.

Schweini leading and Müller surprising: the decisions of Van Gaal still weigh

This Bayern which today is Heinckes and tomorrow will be Guardiola’s still held in some basic pillars erected by Louis Van Gaal. It was he who rescued Schweinsteiger of the band and became a midfielder. Who thought that his tactical intelligence could find the virtues necessary to fabricate a captain in the field, a footballer who then erected in the symbol of the new Germany’s Low. The distribution of the roles of the two pivots of Van Gaal in the 2010 Champions confuse observers: Van Bommel and Schweinsteiger took turns when out pressing, save the position, break and tread area. There was a middle Centre and an interior: the two were both things at the same time. Javi Martínez, Heynckes retrieves this model and improves it, since the former athletic is a probably higher than the Dutch footballer. But the founding idea of this cycle, the Bastian with a companion, and both being that which the English call “all-round midfielders”, is still basic in the structure.

And then there is Thomas Müller. A surprising bet of Van Gaal, who turned it into a holder fixed in his first season in Munich, saving you anything resembling a process of adaptation to the first team. For the Dutch technician, Müller was not negotiable. The template accumulated a good number of extraordinary attack players, but the slaughtered were always others. Never it. And may seem surprising, because this young Bavarian so appreciated by the stands by their authenticity (“is a regular guy, his joy when brand is sincere, his rage when he loses is moving,” say the fans about it) does not fit your eyes the first time that seen. Not excited as the conduits in race at high speed of Robben, neither astonishes as the formidable imbalance of Ribery. I like even less to the lovers of the game of touch to the very associative Kroos. Muller also has its fans, but they love how special that is. It moves weird, is indescribable, handles both profiles and appears in unexpected places. Normally, most damaging deep passes of the Bayern are yours. The undetectable interact to top positions clear led him to signing scorers figures worthy of much more lethal front in the end. So is he: carefree, a child that have been playing with the older and continues to act in the same way because it does not realize that are larger than it.

Heynckes, Guardiola

You are subtracting worthwhile, therefore, to Heynckes? At all. Van Gaal caused a founding revolution does not mean that everything that came after was easy. In fact, with the Dutch nobody dared never to speak of the Bayern as “the best team in the world”, something that today we are reading a lot and that eye, already before the game appeared in many writings. Current product Henyckes, although based on the idea of the of Van Gaal, has surpassed the former technician of Barcelona. The defensive commitment that he has gotten his attackers – for a coach has to be exciting to see how three types as wayward as Ribery, Gomez and Robben are both sacrificed in work pressure and marks as they did yesterday – is superior to 2010. That Van Gaal team reached the final in Madrid, but received many goals along the way – had to go before the Fiorentina and the United. This Bayern has left the goal zero in 180 minutes against Juventus and 90 against Barcelona. Obviously, it helped him that Messi was away from the fullness, but seeing what globally was the party, one thinks that even with the Argentine in normal conditions it would have cost you mark differences in a crash in which his team was so far feel comfortable. And not just for the good do their plants or their goalkeeper: the key was, above all, how defended midfielders



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